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On my way to join my team

New Years Day was a great prep day for the trip. I managed to get all my kit washed and sorted into the one BMW kit bag. Not able to sit still, I decided to venture out on a borrowed … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!! We saw in the new year Patagonia style with three lambs cooked over the fire, delicious red wine and music off the car sterio – fabulous! Today’s pack and prep day and then its off to … Continue reading

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Patagonia – AMAZING!!

What an amazing place Patagonia is – I can’t believe it! Here’s our story… As we flew towards our landing I looked in awe out of the window at the breath taking Patagonian coastline and took a couple of snaps … Continue reading

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Truck update

I feel quite useless in helping our truck issue, but know there is nothing I can do by sitting in BA adding to the stress. As per Jims call out for help below, I have reached out to all my … Continue reading

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All packed and on my way…

So I’m all set. The gear came in at 54lbs all in and I’ve some extra stuff with Zhanna, who’ll be with me Pre trip in BA. Amelia and Beatrice, my beautiful daughters set me off with love and laughter … Continue reading

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Shipping issues with the truck

Great – so we just received this from our team leader “…. I just got notice that our “ship” is now running a week late.” This is the vessel carrying our support truck and motorcycles. Normally not a problem, except … Continue reading

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