Day 9 plus

I am so exhausted I can’t fill u in on the madness of these
last few days. Its 12.07am and I’m crashing for the night. Put it
this way – three medical issues and the team down to half. Will
write it all after 700km tomorrow. W


About willindakar

Every few years I try and embark on a trip that takes me to places, both physically and mentally, far beyond anywhere I have been before, as a CEO or father. Climbing the highest summits of Antarctica and Europe, diving with Great White sharks, Motorbiking the highest road in the world are a few of the boxes I've ticked - but the trip i am about to depart for should be one of the most testing. Riding with the hardest land race in the world - The Dakar 2011.
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5 Responses to Day 9 plus

  1. Jeremy Graham says:

    Keep going,I hope you weren’t one of the medical issues
    J x

  2. Jesse Nicely says:

    Hang in there! We’re rooting for you!


  3. Peter says:

    There is no tired like bike tired and the sleep is
    fantastic when that happens. Drink loads of Water mate and say Hi
    to Mr Pavey if you see him again. Tell him Merthyr is really dull
    and rainy compared to where he is now. Really enjoying this bruv
    keep up the great work. Who chose the name for that

  4. Jason says:

    Keep on riding … watched it on TV last night in Sierra
    Nevada (here skiing for few days) … you are doing amazing
    & am lovin following your adventure …

  5. Beatrice & Amelia Travi$ says:

    hi daddy congratulations on your trip i hope you had fun
    and had a good experience we are so exited you finished so we can
    spend time together we are exited to see you! MISSING YOU LOTS
    PEAPLE Beatrice & Amelia !!!!!!!!!!! :):)

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