Day 6 – Rest Day – phew!

Last night the thought of a rest day was just a cop out,
but by mid morning I totally understand why the whole race takes
it. Four days and near 1,400 racing miles really takes a toll on
your body and mind and taking the hands and feet off the gas was
perfect. I spent the day with my buddy Fewelly body surfing in the
cold Chilean ocean, supped strong coffee watching some of the nutty
locals and walking, not riding, around the city exploring the art
and architecture of this 230,000 person city. I was thinking of my
step son Michael as I looked at some of the graffiti knowing how
much he’d love it – it’s cool what things spring to your mind when
it’s allowed to wander after intense use. Q, Fewelly and I bailed
from the team to have dinner by ourselves this evening. Tempers had
flared allot within the group these last few days and we needed
some air. I’d had stern words twice now with our team leader Jim
due to the guess work level within the team in some really critical
scenarios, to the thanks of the group and some others had lost
patience with the sheer incompetence of some of the other riders.
To run and be a part of an adventure like this requires great focus
and dedication and solo players are just distractions at either end
of the spectrum of skill. So yes a rest day to detox and refocus
was a much needed event. Our gear is all washed now and ready for
another five days of intensity of the rally. Our bikes are all set
and filled up and with a 6.30 wheels up tomorrow, we’ll be with
what’s remaining of the Dakar pack after all the accidents and
break downs – more on those details tomorrow.


About willindakar

Every few years I try and embark on a trip that takes me to places, both physically and mentally, far beyond anywhere I have been before, as a CEO or father. Climbing the highest summits of Antarctica and Europe, diving with Great White sharks, Motorbiking the highest road in the world are a few of the boxes I've ticked - but the trip i am about to depart for should be one of the most testing. Riding with the hardest land race in the world - The Dakar 2011.
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4 Responses to Day 6 – Rest Day – phew!

  1. Jeremy Graham says:

    Glad you are enjoying your rest day,good for you for speaking out,tasks like these need strong leaders.

  2. Russell says:

    Glad to hear all was ok with your team member. Hope you enjoyed your well deserved day off from racing…Stay focused and safe!

  3. Michael says:

    wow, i wish i could be there with you! The graffiti pics
    are awesome! After a long ride you deserve a day off. I hope you
    stay safe. I’m here for you in spirit – Mike

  4. Emma Moore says:

    Wow Will what a time you are having, sounds like you more
    rest days than just this one ! Your photo’s are fab, really
    enjoying your blog- Pete too & is very envious !! Lots of
    Love & stay safe Emma

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