On my way to join my team

New Years Day was a great prep day
for the trip. I managed to get all my kit washed and sorted into
the one BMW kit bag. Not able to sit still, I decided to venture
out on a borrowed bike from the farm. Bahia Bustamante has to be
one of the most breathtaking places on the planet and exploring its
200,000 acres a must! All lotion and watered up, I set off riding
along the ocean edge trails worn by the landrovers over the years,
watching seals, penguins and ostriches at different stages of the
ride. I discovered amazing beaches and at one point ventured out
across a mud flat to film a small family of seals wean their young
– real David Attenborough stuff! It was at this furthest point from
the farm, 20km to be exact, that either the effects of the seawater
on the metal or my New Years Eve celebration weight kicked in, and
the back end of my bike snapped in two – great!! The following
hours were filled with the thoughts that I will be on the next
series of “They Shouldn’t Be Alive” as 95 degree heat, razor grass
and bolting animals scaring the wits out of me reminded me that I
was still in a very wild part of the world. Maybe this is why the
people are so so kind – they never know when they are going to need
each others help. Arriving a little worse for wear back at the
farm, a worried team welcomed me back for a fabulous farewell
dinner which Zhanna and I loved! It was so sad to leave such an
amazing paradise early this morning but now I have to attack the
task at hand and join my teammates as we all descend on Cordoba and
The Dakar rally. Well that is if my four hour delay and missing
luggage at Buenos Aires airport turns up roses!!


About willindakar

Every few years I try and embark on a trip that takes me to places, both physically and mentally, far beyond anywhere I have been before, as a CEO or father. Climbing the highest summits of Antarctica and Europe, diving with Great White sharks, Motorbiking the highest road in the world are a few of the boxes I've ticked - but the trip i am about to depart for should be one of the most testing. Riding with the hardest land race in the world - The Dakar 2011.
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5 Responses to On my way to join my team

  1. emma says:

    Hi Will, great photo’s & great Blog , not sure of
    who the atractive girl is in the water.stay safe, love you lots,

  2. Russell says:

    Happy New Year and Good Luck Mate…. Really enjoyed
    catching up on your blog! Safe travels!

  3. “Break a leg” Will! Cheers — Roger D.

  4. Joanie Buto says:

    Hey Will and Zhanna,
    Happy New Year. Quite an adventure so far. It’s amazing to hear the day to day. Good luck and get back safe. Joanie B.

  5. David says:

    Goooood luck and be safe (as you can)

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