Truck issue gets worse

So we’ve just heard from our team lead and besides BA looking scratchy for gas to actually power our bikes – it actually looks like we are support truck screwed…take a read and see if it’s just me! Here’s the note…

Hello everyone – Buenos Dias from Buenos Aires – the Dakar Adventures have begun !

Kevan and I arrived here yesterday after 19 hours of travel time- airport to airport – ( Damn – that was an excruciating flight) anyway and went immediately to the hotel for a nap. After “nap” the plan was to meet up with two other members of our group (Fred and Karen) and have a drink with Jorge who is the boss of Pampa adventures. Jorge came walking across the square to the cafe where we were having a cocktail and the first words out of his mouth were ” Jim, I don’t have good news.” – The ship which contains your truck and the two are motorcycles is now delayed until January 2. Shit !! Whats more… Freds motorcycle which is shipping separate from our truck is also delayed until probably January 6th.

Not completely unexpected on our side… as we got a tip last week, but not good news at all for Fred… but we are making contingency plans… its just going to make life a little bit more complicated than that we had initially hoped, and we’ll have to do a lot of logistical “running around” but we’ll still pull it together….on the morning of the fourth it will be released from customs assuming that there are no further delays in shipping and we will make the approximate 900 mile drive to catch up with you all before you go over the Andes into Chile.

However I am learning that there’s one more potential “monkey wrench” to many your plans… and thats the weather in North America… I know that thousands of flights have been cancelled… Emmet is delayed a day already… and I dont know the impact on the rest of you… Please monitor your flight status and alert me and the Pampa guys to any changes as soon as you know of any…

Well…. they say that one definition of “Adventure” is what happens when well laid plans go awry. Last nite we had a toast to the “many definitions of adventure” – we’ve learned a couple already…stay tuned for more.


About willindakar

Every few years I try and embark on a trip that takes me to places, both physically and mentally, far beyond anywhere I have been before, as a CEO or father. Climbing the highest summits of Antarctica and Europe, diving with Great White sharks, Motorbiking the highest road in the world are a few of the boxes I've ticked - but the trip i am about to depart for should be one of the most testing. Riding with the hardest land race in the world - The Dakar 2011.
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3 Responses to Truck issue gets worse

  1. donna wiederkehr says:

    Hey Will, Tracking your progress and sending you good vibes
    for all systems to come together. xo d

  2. Nancy Hill says:

    Will, have a great trip. We will be in Ecuador Jan 1-8, if
    you’re anywhere near, let me know. Nancy

  3. Mike Parise says:

    Will, sorry to hear about the gas, truck and bike issues. Bummer. But it could be worse. You could be working on two months of expense reports and four months of time sheets! By the way, in honor of your trip I watched Dust to Glory last night. Take a gander at part 1:
    After Dakar, the Baja 1000 should be a walk in the park! Have fun!

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